Integrated Agri Testing Labs
  1. To ensure availability of quality agricultural inputs like Seed, Fertilizer and Pesticides to the Farmers, the Government is establishing Integrated Labs at Constituency Level and at District level. To achieve this, an integrated Laboratory facility for testing Seed, Fertilizer & Pesticide testing facility for their quality, at Constituency level & District level is proposed. The Integrated Labs will test the quality of inputs and thus helps in productivity enhancement.


  1. The Government allocated budget an amount of Rs 200.00 Crores for establishment of Integrated Agri Labs at district level, Assembly constituency level and 4 Regional Coding centres. 
  2. 1. District Integrated Agri Labs: 13 No
  3. 2. Constituency Integrated Agri Labs : 147 Nos
  4. 3. Establishment of 4 Regional Coding centres at Visakhapatnam, Eluru, Guntur, and Tirupati.
  5. To ensure supply of Quality inputs to Farmers, two-tier sample testing system proposed. The Integrated Agri Labs will receive Agriculture Input samples through three different approaches.


  1. 1. Preapproval Certification Programme (Pre-market release testing): The Quality of the Agriculture Inputs will be ensured through random testing before they are sold in market. The pre and post approval testing will be taken place in the fully equipped District level Integrated Labs.


  1. 2. Post Approval Monitoring System (Post-market release testing): To cross check the functionality of pre-approval system, 5% of the pre-approved batches and 5% of remaining unsampled batches will be randomly tested. Samples will be drawn as per Legal Act provisions.


  1. 3. Farmer Samples testing: The Integrated Labs at Assembly Constituency level handles Farmers samples. The Integrated Labs will carry out all basic tests and act as Satellite Centres for advanced tests. If Farmers samples are found to be Sub-Standard, as follow up action, the local Agriculture Officer will be alerted and fresh sample will be drawn and sent for analysis as per the legal procedures.


    • Unified Digital Platform (Random sampling):  An automated system called “Unified Digital Platform” where random selection of Kind & Variety, Lot/batch, dealer outlet and company will be done by the system is proposed. This platform connects Input manufacturers, Input Dealers, Sample Collection team, Coding Centres, Input Inspectors, Lab Analysts and Farmers. Action will be quick and not isolated to the place where the product is sampled.
    • Integration of all existing notified Seed, Fertilizer & Pesticide testing labs as Integrated Agri Labs.

    • Integrated Agri Labs Section O/o C&DA ,Guntur Officers Contact Numbers
S.No Name Designation Mobile Number Email
1 P.Jaya Krishna Assistant Director of Agriculture 98494 39369
3 Y.Usha Rani Agriculture Officer 8331056077